2019 Chef roster


Chef Jahvel Fraser | July 17 | For Event Professionals Only

Chef Jahvel grew up loving art, technology and food. As a child, he watched his grandmother move effortlessly in the kitchen and with little ingredients, she always made something out of nothing. Hailing from Barbados, his grandmother shared a few secret recipes with him that continue to influence his signature style. Years later, after graduating culinary school, Chef Jahvel launched two successful catering companies, and worked in countless restaurants around New York City. His latest culinary business, J.V.F. Pantry, focuses on motto: food is love.


Chef Kathleen O’Brien Price | Sept. 18 | Music Industry Meet-Up

Chef Kathleen is a sunshine filled soul from Southern California. Following graduation from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and Le Cordon Bleu, she landed a job in the house of Will and Jada Smith, where she was affectionately nicknamed ‘Chefleen.’ Chef Kathleen has served as a private chef for high profile clients for the past nine years and runs her own catering company. In 2018 Kathleen became a Food Network Chopped champion and began her current labor of love, Real Life Cooking with Chefleen, a live-streamed show where viewers can cook along in real time as they learn basic cooking skills. Her cooking style is healthy, accessible, and she is grateful her career is fulfilling and delicious in the best possible way.


Chef Roshara Sanders | Nov. 14 | Friendsgiving Fundraiser

Before graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Roshara was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of the 4th Engineer Battalion. When Roshara returned stateside she joined the 395th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion and was allowed to cross train as a food supply specialist. She holds Campaign Medals from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as a a Navy/Marine Achievement Medal. On November 11, 2015, Roshara was featured on a special Veteran’s Day episode of Food Network’s hit show Chopped, which included military vets from the Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy. Chef Roshara was the winner of the competition. From service in Iraq and Afghanistan to dinners at the prestigious James Beard House, Chef Roshara is one to watch.


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