“Everything came together exactly how we envisioned and the participant feedback was nothing short of fantastic. Amber is an absolute rockstar and it was such a joy to work with her.”

- Cara S., Equinox

"TO BE HOSTED was like no experience I've ever had. It was amazing to be at a table with my peers discussing our goals and aspirations in such a safe space. From the ambience, the music, the food, definitely a night I'll never forget." - Michael Oloyede, actor


"The first time I attended TO BE HOSTED I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. After taking my seat at a gorgeously arranged table and enjoying the first round of food, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. Most importantly though, I made connections with folks that have lasted months after I attended. This year will mark three years that I have lived in New York, I've never encountered anything quite like it. TO BE HOSTED® is filling a major void in the young professional NYC scene. It's fresh, it's vibrant, it's mysterious, but most of all, it's just plain fun." - Wallace Mack, producer


"TO BE HOSTED has taken the pop-up event game to the next level. The host curates an evening of positive energy, with the perfect food and wine pairings and even better people. Live the life you deserve. Be HOSTED!" - Ivana Renee, entrepreneur


"TO BE HOSTED was amazing! They did a fantastic job of creating a space where young professionals from all walks of life could come and feel completely comfortable sharing their experiences with each other. This is an experience I look forward to attending again and introducing to others who can benefit from it as much as I did. Five Out of Five Stars!" - Josh Dean, musician


"TO BE HOSTED exceeded any and all expectations for a one-of-a-kind dinner experience. The evening was customized from start to finish, which included engaging dialogue catered to my interests and delicious cupcakes with my face on them!" - Breania Smith, marketing manager


TO BE HOSTED IS AN EXPERIENCE. They brought the perfect serendipity to the table (literally). I was having so much fun, by the middle of dinner I had to remind myself I had just met these people...the perfect strangers eating a delicious meal...and live music. I was outdone and impressed. - Talia Bella, stylist