“Everything came together exactly how we envisioned and the participant feedback was nothing short of fantastic. Amber is an absolute rockstar and it was such a joy to work with her.”

- Cara S., Equinox

“Amber’s attention to detail is beyond incredible—it’s superior. Not only is she the most talented event planner I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, her ability to create an event that surpasses your biggest dreams is truly a gift. Amber was tasked with overseeing all logistical and production needs for CultureCon, the fastest growing conference dedicated to creatives of color, and she did an immaculate job. From overseeing the run of show to handling all vendor conversations, and everything in between, Amber was such an all-star and ran the most incredible event. She’s truly one of a kind.”

- Imani E., founder of the CCNYC

“I like to throw parties, so I initially balked at the idea of even hiring a wedding planner.  (That would have been a horrible idea!) But after working with Amber on the Sonoma County Benefit in New York City, I was convinced she was the wedding planner I could entrust with all of the important details.  

Amber is the kind of woman who has superb taste, excellent problem solving skills, and wonderful communication skills.  She listens intently and gets to know her clients so that she can best anticipate their every wish.  She knows how to balance all of the different priorities that go into an event (the aesthetic vs. the budget vs. the personal vs. the traditional) and how to present options to her clients in a fun, engaging way that takes away any stress off of you.  She will keep you on track, on time, and laughing.  It's rare to have someone with you especially for an occasion like your wedding that understands how important each detail is and is as invested in making sure the day is perfect as you are.  She'd even confront cougars to keep your wedding going. I could not recommend working with her and her amazing team more -- they are gems.”

- Paten H., Bride

Amber took pride and ownership of every task. She always remained calm under pressure and was a pleasure to work with!

- Lisa C., NBCUniversal Events

“Amber is a Godsend! I came to her with very little, but she helped me develop my vision and put together the perfect launch part for my brand. She was on top of every detail, making it a stress-free process for me. I will certainly be working with her again!”

- Destinee S., Strivers’ Row